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What kind of place is Çamyuva

Camyuva remains in the western part of Kemer. It is approximately 7.5 kilometers from Kemer. Transportation can be easily provided by Camyuva transfer. Camyuva attracts many tourists thanks to its wonderful natural beauties. It is a very pleasant place with its seaside hotels, 3 kilometers of beach and special centers for holidays.

Places to Visit in Camyuva
Phaselis Ruins and Museum

Phaselis Ruins and Museum are approximately 12 kilometers from Kemer. Approximately one kilometer from the entrance, an ancient theater welcomes you. There are three open harbors in this ancient city. Phaselis Ruins Museum is home to many ancient ruins. This museum, which is flooded by not only foreign but also domestic tourists, hosts many history lovers. There is also an aqueduct from the Hellenistic period in this museum. Transportation here is easily provided by Antalya Camyuva transfer. Customers, travelers and local tourists flock here.

Full of Parking

Located approximately 3 kilometers from Çamyuva, the park welcomes many tourists. Tourists generally provide transportation with Çamyuva Antalya transfer line. Dolusu Park maintains the title of being the most well-known and recognized park of the Kemer region. It serves all its customers with its own private beach, 25 water pools with slides, children’s pool, cafes and bars. The park is open to everyone for a small fee.


Although it is not very close to Çamyuva, tourists in general do not finish their trip without visiting the Olympos. Thanks to the Antalya airport Çamyuva transfer line, foreign and domestic tourists can start their trips. It is located 34 kilometers from Camyuva. It can be called a complete paradise with its wonderful nature, beaches, natural areas, forests and excursion parks. In terms of history, Olympos is home to many natural beauties. Tourists who love historical ruins flock here for this reason.

As a result, Camyuva is one of the unique places of Turkey with all its natural beauties. Thanks to the Çamyuva Antalya airport transfer line as a means of transportation, this trip takes on a great atmosphere even when it starts. That’s why local and foreign tourists visit this place every year.

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