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What kind of place is Çıralı

Çıralı town of Kemer district of Antalya is the first choice for anyone looking for silence and calmness. Its magnificent 3-kilometer coast has also been a breeding ground for the protected Caretta Caretta turtles. It has a beach that rises with a gentle slope with its fine and high quality sand.

How to get to Antalya Cirali?
We recommend our guests to use our Çıralı transfer services to reach Çıralı, which provides peace of mind to its guests. Transportation to Antalya province is usually by air. Therefore, you can take advantage of our Antalya airport Çıralı transfer service, and you can reach any point in Çıralı from your airport point.

It is also possible to take advantage of the Çıralı Antalya airport transfer service while returning to the airport from your hotel or pension. Moreover, you get this service as a VIP in a comfortable, reliable and time-saving way.

Places to Visit in Cirali Town
There are many places to see in Çıralı, which is 30 kilometers away from Kemer district to which it is connected and approximately 90 kilometers from Antalya province. With the help of our Antalya Çıralı transfer service, you can reach from any point via Antalya, without being connected to the airport. In the same way, you can reach your place of residence from any point on the town with the Cirali Antalya transfer service, with the appointment you have made through the system.

Olympos Ancient City

There are many monumental tombs and acropolis in the ancient city, which is located near the town of Çıralı and on the south coast of the city. There are basilicas from the Byzantine Period, Greek temples and many statues inside the temples. Although not very long, there is a magnificent beach in the ancient city.

Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis is an ancient city 16 kilometers west of Kemer town and easily accessible from its Çıralı location. There are many ruins from Roman times in Phaselis. In the city, which has 3 ports, there is a big street and many shops to visit.


Located on the Çıralı and Olympos hills, at an altitude of 230 meters above sea level, Yanartaş is known as the unquenchable fire of Olympos. You can reach the entrance of Çıralı after 3.5 kilometers and then climbing the hill that comes before you. This fire, which is among the stones and never goes out, is flooded by visitors because of its magnificent view at night.

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