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What kind of place is Evrenseki

Evrenseki culture house is 60 kilometers from the center of Antalya. With the Evrenseki transfer line, there is a 50-minute journey time. Domestic and foreign tourists do not complete their trip without visiting the cultural house in Evrenseki. It opens its doors to its visitors with its cultural heritage, historical ruins and national historical artifacts. Not only domestic but also many foreign tourists from all over the world regularly flock here every year. It is a perfect place for cultural holiday and travel lovers. As a transfer and sightseeing line, Antalya Evrenseki transfer is often preferred by tourists.

Discovery Park

The park, which has a very large area, appeals to people of all ages. Despite the park in its name, it is made for children and adults. It contains assets from ancient times. Dinosaurs, ancient fossils and different creatures and their remains are exhibited in this park. Tourists of all ages and races come here, especially in the summer months of the year. It is a very special area for people who are interested in ancient times and ancient times. The line used by incoming tourists to reach here has generally been the Evrenseki Antalya transfer line.

Evrenseki Public Beach

As a result, there is an influx of tourists here during the summer months. One of the most important features of the beach is that it is a blue flag beach. This is an indication that the water of the sea is much cleaner than other seas.

Incoming domestic and foreign tourists can reach here by using the Antalya airport Evrenseki transfer line. There is a long beach line. Especially the long coastline allows many businesses to be located here. It is a complete holiday destination with its cafes, restaurants, bars and four-star hotels. Tourists who like different activities can eat, drink and have fun here thanks to various venues.

As a result, Evrenseki, located 60 kilometers from the center of Antalya, is a tourist destination. Thanks to the Evrenseki Antalya airport transfer line, it can be reached after 50 minutes from the center. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, there are many activities that can be done here. Some of these are places located on the long owner coast. In addition, discovery park is a very good area for those who love to explore. That’s why tourists prefer Evrenseki.

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