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What kind of place is Gelemis Village

Gelemis Village is a village connected to Kaş, a beautiful district of Antalya. Kas is a tourist resort on the south coast of Turkey and is famous for its unique natural beauties. Gelemis Village is located to the west of Kas and offers visitors a quiet holiday experience. In this article, I will give information about the features of Gelemis Village and how to get to the village from Antalya Airport.

Gelemis Village is known for its wide beaches with the magnificent blue of the Mediterranean and its clean sea. The village offers a fascinating holiday opportunity with its natural beauties and quiet atmosphere. Accommodation options in the village usually consist of boutique hotels, hostels and holiday homes. There are also restaurants where guests can taste local delicacies. It is an ideal option for those who want to spend time in Gelemis Village, relax and be in touch with nature.

Antalya Airport is the most convenient airport for transportation to Gelemis Village. The airport is located in Antalya, one of the biggest touristic regions of Turkey, and flights are organized from various points of the world. There are many transportation options to reach Antalya Airport.

The most common transportation option to reach Gelemis Village from Antalya Airport is to rent a car. There are many car rental companies at the airport and you can rent the car you prefer by making a reservation. You have to leave the airport with the car you rented and proceed towards Kaş on the D400 Highway. After a journey of approximately 200 kilometers, you can reach Gelemis Village. It will help you to follow the Kaş signs on the road.

Another transportation option is public transportation. You can go to Kas by buses departing from Antalya Airport. You can go to the bus terminal located at the airport exit and reach Gelemis Village by taking the buses traveling to Kaş. Bus services are usually held at regular intervals, but it is useful to check the bus times before traveling.

Bus travel may not be as fast as renting a car, but may be a more convenient option.

A final option to reach Gelemis Village is to take a taxi. There are taxi stands at the airport exit and you can go directly to Gelemis Village by taxi. However, taxi travel can be more expensive than other options, so it’s important to consider your budget.

You can choose one of these options to reach Gelemis Village from Antalya Airport. Renting a car, in particular, provides more independence and flexibility. But public transport options also offer a budget-friendly alternative. By visiting Gelemis Village, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this beautiful village and have an unforgettable holiday experience.

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