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What kind of place is Göynük

Göynük, a town of Kemer district in Antalya province, is a settlement with magnificent views with its blue flag sea and natural touristic beauties. The distance from the district to the center is approximately 9 km and the distance to the city center is around 35 km. Transportation facilities, on the other hand, can easily reach the town with Antalya Göynük transfer facility. The fact that it has a blue flag is an important issue that allows you to enjoy the sea.

Where can I visit in Göynük?
It is known that the oldest Lycians lived in the town, which keeps the unique secrets of history. Göynük Canyon, which is hidden among the beauties of the historical Lycian way, gives excitement to adventure lovers with its unique view. The canyon, which hosts many local and foreign tourists with its natural beauty, also offers the opportunity to cool off thanks to its cool water. Göynük transfer, which provides easy transportation from the district center, will help you experience this unique beauty to the fullest.

Where is Goynuk Located?
With its enchanting waterfall, pools, unique nature and view, the heavenly place Göynük Canyon is a preferred resort for rafting. You will only have to enjoy the journey, as it offers comfortable service to the hotel you will go to, by way of Antalya airport transfer, which is far from the town center. As soon as you reach Antalya bus station, you can also benefit from Göynük transfer Antalya services.

You can keep your memories fresh with the shots you will take among the natural beauties of the unique canyon of Kemer district. You can visit our town, which has already taken its place among the memories of many local and foreign tourists, and see these unique beauties. In the heat of summer, you can enjoy the coolness in the Göynük Canyon, which you reach with the transfer region Antalya.

In Which Season Is Goynuk The Best One To Live In?
The characteristic of our city of Antalya is that it is a livable city in all seasons of the year. In this way, you can also make your choice for spring. You don’t have to limit your trip to summer months just because transportation opportunities are difficult. Since you can easily reach Antalya Göynük thanks to the transfer from the province and district to the town, you will only have to enjoy your trip.

It is possible to discover one of the most important hiking trails in the world by crossing the historical Lycian road. You can reach the unique beauties of the canyon, which is located in Göynük National Park, either by air or by road. From the moment you land at the airport, you will be provided with Antalya Göynük airport transfer facilities and you will enjoy a comfortable journey.

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