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What kind of place is Kalkan

Kalkan town, which is connected to the province of Antalya, is one of the most preferred places by tourists in recent years. It is among the most beautiful and spacious places in Antalya preferred for holiday. Seeing these magnificent beauties and visiting each place separately gives a person a complete holiday.

How to Provide Transportation to Kalkan?
Kalkan town is 270 km away from Antalya and it is approximately 320 minutes away. Many domestic and foreign tourists coming to Kalkan town prefer to reach the hotel, hostel or location they will go to with the Antalya Kalkan transfer system. Because Kalkan Antalya transfer system is both more convenient and more comfortable. Antalya airport Kalkan transfer option is available for this holiday resort. This transportation Kalkan Antalya airport transfer system takes approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes. In addition, people who come to Kalkan holidays, which is also close to Dalaman Airport, use this airport to make Kalkan transfer transportation in approximately 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Places to Visit in Kalkan
Letoon Ancient City

Letoon, which is very close to Xanthos Ancient City, includes the temples of many gods and goddesses mentioned in Greek Mythology, so it has an important quality in ancient times.

Xanthos Ancient City

Remains of the Lycian League can be found in the ancient cities of Xanthos and Letoon, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These ruins attract the attention of tourists who come to visit.

Patara Ancient City

The ancient city of Patara, the capital of Lycia, is the center of attention in the region with its coast. You should definitely swim at the beach here.

Güvercinlik Sea Cave

Guvercinlik Sea Cave, which has become a pigeon nest with pigeons in it, can only be reached by swimming. Tourists must come to this area by boat from Kalkan and swim through that narrow entrance. You should visit this cave by boats departing from the Kalkan region and leave yourself to the blue of the sea.

Kaputas Beach

You can reach Kaputaş Beach by using the long stairs to reach the sparkling sea. This place compares local and foreign tourists with a scenic beauty that has perhaps never been seen before. When you pass the stairs and reach the beach, those who see it feel as if they have found peace. Because the beach has the most beautiful shades of blue.

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