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What kind of place is Kızılağaç

Kızılağaç, a neighborhood of Antalya’s Manavgat district, is one of the first places among holiday preferences with its historical buildings and deep blue beach. There are many places with historical inspirations near the point where you stay on Kızılağaç. Access to this holiday center, where every minute spent is full, is quite easy.

How to go to Antalya Kizilagac?
There are many transportation methods on Kızılağaç, which is approximately 78 kilometers away from the city center of Antalya and 12 kilometers away from the town of Manavgat to which it is affiliated. For this journey, which takes approximately 70 minutes from Antalya city center, we recommend that you choose our Kızılağaç transfer service.

You can come to Antalya with your personal vehicle or bus services, or by choosing the airline. We have Antalya airport Kizilagac transfer service in Antalya, which uses the most air traffic from these journeys. With this vip transfer service, you can travel easily and reliably from your airport to any point you want. Likewise, when your holiday period ends, you can reach the airport at any time with Kızılağaç Antalya airport transfer.

Places to Visit in Kizilagac
There are many historical buildings and beaches that you should see in and around Kızılağaç. To see these structures from any part of Antalya, you can easily reach Antalya Kizilagac transfer.

Manavgat waterfall

One of Turkey’s most important waterfalls, Manavgat Waterfall is located on the Manavgat River. You can have a picnic in the sitting areas here and have a pleasant time with your loved ones. You can also enjoy eating fish in this area where there are restaurants and cafes. You can visit this beauty, which is very easy to reach, with our Kızılağaç Antalya transfer service.

Side Ancient City

This historical building, which is 7 kilometers away from the town of Manavgat, has hosted Romans, Byzantines and Greeks in the past. It contains many temples and sculptures, which have the effect of accompanying historical moments.

Köprülü Canyon National Park

The beginning of this canyon, which is among the largest canyons in Turkey with its length and wall height, is 84 kilometers from the center of Antalya. There are many archaeological structures in this place, which offers a long-term and unique view for those staying in Manavgat district.

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