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What kind of place is Konaklı

Konaklı town is famous for its magnificent beaches, beautiful hotels and impeccable natural beauties of Alanya District of Antalya Province. Konakli town is quieter and simpler than other holiday destinations. Konaklı is approximately 12 km away from Alanya center and can be reached by Konaklı transfer system. In addition, Konaklı town, which is 125 km away from Antalya city center, is 115 km away from Antalya Airport and Konaklı Antalya transfer operations are carried out. Transfers from Konaklı town to Antalya airport Konaklı are easily carried out.

In addition, Konaklı Antalya airport transfer system is also provided by private vip vehicles. The weather in Konaklı town of Antalya is hotter than other parts of the country in every season, like Antalya. Located in the south of Turkey, Antalya-Konaklı spends almost six months of the year in the summer season. Buda is the reason why it is an inevitable stopping point for domestic and foreign tourists who want to have a holiday. In this town, which meets its economy with tourism and agriculture, hotels are full almost every season.

How to get to Konaklı?
Transportation to Konaklı takes place by air and road. Travel buses can be used for transfers from Antalya to Konakli for road use. In addition, the airline can be used to go from Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport to Konaklı.

Places to Visit in Konaklı?
Hamaxia, this region was formed by the open air display of historical artifacts. The region, which contains historical artifacts from Rome to the Ottoman Empire, fascinates tourists. Syedra Castle, which is among the important symbols of Konaklı and Alanya, is a perfect place for people who come to these regions. If we talk about eating and drinking places in Konaklı, the most beautiful places are undoubtedly the wind restaurant. This restaurant is designed by the beach and under the trees.

Natural Beauties to Visit in Konaklı
One of these natural beauties is the Alanya cable car. Those who go on holiday in Konaklı town should definitely watch that unique view from a bird’s eye view by cable car. Thanks to the cable car, the coast, beaches and natural beauties can be seen. The second natural beauty is Cleopatra beach. This beach, located around Konaklı, merges with the beach in Konaklı. This beach has attracted the attention of tourists thanks to its clean water and healing sand. In addition, a festival is held in Konaklı every year in June and many celebrities and singers take part in this festival.

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