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What kind of place is Manavgat

Manavgat is the apple of the eye of Turkey and the second largest district of the tourism city Antalya. The approximate distance from Antalya Center and the airport is 70 km. You can reach Manavgat from Antalya in an hour with the Manavgat transfer by car.

It is possible to reach Manavgat, which is a coastal city, easily via Antalya Manavgat transfer. In addition to its sea, coast and beach, Manavgat Waterfall is a natural beauty that should definitely be visited. The waterfall, which is approximately 4 km away, is a masterpiece that completes the Manavgat River.

To the north is the Taurus Mountains covered with lush forests, and to the south is the deep blue Mediterranean. Side, Kumköy, Titreyengöl, Çolaklı, Ilıca, Kızılağaç and Gündoğdu are the important tourism centers of the district. There are hotels that host beautiful domestic and foreign guests here, where you can come by transfer from Antalya to Manavgat.

Beauties of Manavgat
– Lyrbe (Seleukeia) Ancient City; This ancient city, which fascinates with its forested landscape and natural beauty, has remained from the Roman and Byzantine periods. This city is free to visit and is full of baths, churches and temples.

– Side Ancient City; Pamphylia is the most prominent port city of the region. The ancient city, which has a theatre, a museum and a Turkish bath, can be visited with a ticket.

– Köprülü Canyon National Park; It is a national park that is free to enter. Its length is 22 meters, its height is 35 meters and its width is 2.70.

– Altınbeşik Cave has Turkey’s largest underground lake. The length of Altınbeşik Cave is approximately 2200 meters. In winter, the cave is closed because it fills with water.

– Manavgat Boat Tours; It starts from the private piers on the Manavgat Stream and is a natural sightseeing tour. Private beaches can be visited in both fresh and salt water.

– Aspendos theatre; It is on the 40th kilometer of the Alanya highway. It is the best known ancient theater under protection. This world-famous ancient theater belongs to the Roman period. With Antalya airport Manavgat transfer, you can visit this historical city and take a tour in history.

– Oymapinar Dam; It is one of the largest dams in Turkey. Turquoise and green colors are very attractive. Various tourism activities such as golf, sportive purposes and eco-tourism are carried out in the region. Thanks to Manavgat Antalya airport transfer, you can have a wonderful tour here.

Manavgat not only with its sea and beach; Exploring the forest with its natural beauties and ancient cities is waiting for you.

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