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What kind of place is Payallar

Payallar is a touristic town in Alanya district of Antalya province. This region, which is preferred by both domestic and foreign tourists, attracts attention with its beautiful beaches, clean sea and natural beauties. Payallar is a rapidly developing holiday resort in the tourism sector and is home to many touristic facilities such as accommodation facilities, restaurants, cafes and shopping centers.

Payallar is approximately 120 kilometers from Antalya Airport. Antalya Airport is one of the busiest airports in Turkey, with regular domestic and international flights. There are various transportation options to reach Payallar from Antalya Airport. Here are detailed descriptions of these options:

1. Taxi: Taking a taxi from Antalya Airport to Payallar is one of the fastest and most comfortable options. There are taxi stands in front of the airport terminal and you can travel safely with licensed taxis. Depending on the traffic situation, you can reach Payallar after a journey of approximately 2 hours.

2. Airport Transfer Service: Many travel agencies and hotels offer transfer services from Antalya Airport to Payallar. You can use this service by making a reservation in advance. The transfer service allows you to reach Payallar in a comfortable and direct way with private vehicles.

3. Public Transport: You can also reach Payallar from Antalya Airport by public transport. There are Havaş shuttles from the airport terminal to the city center. You can choose the buses going to Alanya from the bus station in the city center. After arriving in Alanya, you can choose minibuses or taxis to reach Payallar.

4. Car Rental: If you want to go to Payallar from Antalya Airport with your own car, there are many car rental companies at the airport. The car rental option gives you independent travel and greater freedom of movement in the region.

Payallar is a touristic town that can be easily reached from Antalya Airport. Thanks to the variety of transportation options, you can choose the most suitable method according to your wishes and preferences. During your journey, you can have a pleasant travel experience accompanied by beautiful landscapes and discover the beauties of Payallar.

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