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What kind of place is Side

Regardless of local and foreign tourists, almost everyone would like to spend their holiday in Side. The natural beauties here attract vacationers. It is very safe for trips to be made for a Side holiday Everyone has the right to a safe and quality journey during holiday times. For this reason, the easiest and right choice among transportation alternatives is air travel. Even if the destination is far away, the location is reached in a short time. Undoubtedly, the most difficult part of all travels is the transfer process. It will always be the most effortless and most enjoyable to use Side transfer vehicles to reach the accommodation address after arriving by a single vehicle flight. It will be advantageous to use the Side Antalya transfer system to have a nice holiday.

Antalya Airport Transfer
If you need to give Antalya airport Side transfer recommendations for how to get to the hotel after landing at Antalya airport;

First of all, taxi can be preferred, but it is not chosen much because of its high cost. The second option is public transport. But sometimes traveling by changing 2-3 public transportation vehicles becomes tiring, troublesome and time consuming. Another option is Antalya Side transfer option. With this method, which is preferred by many people, it is possible to reach the accommodation area both safely and economically.

Antalya Airport Side Transfer Route
If we look at the route on this road, Side Antalya airport transfer is 65 kilometers away and 55 minutes away, it is one of the most distinguished holiday resorts of Antalya. Side, which is one of the most loved places of Antalya, Turkey’s holiday center, has unique natural beauties and historical architecture.

Antalya Airport Side Transfer Route
Turkey’s most beautiful holiday center, Side airport, one of the most popular destinations of Antalya, is approximately 1 hour away and 65 kilometers away.

Places to Visit in Side
Side is a holiday resort with natural and historical beauties in the Manavgat district of Antalya. It also has many places to see. These beauties are listed below.

Side Ancient City

Historical Side Museum

Nemorum Fountain

Temple of Apollo

Side Beaches

bridge Canyon

Altinbesik Cave

Trembling Lake

Aspendos theatre

Manavgat waterfall

Seleuica Ancient City

Vespasian Fountain

State Agora

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