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What kind of place is Tekirova

Antalya is the holiday destination that many local tourists prefer during their summer holidays in our country. Tekirova is one of the holiday destinations in Antalya’s Kemer district, reflecting its historical spirit and hosting the deep blue sea. Tekirova, which is the favorite of Kemer, is the most magnificent holiday resort for tourists who love sea, sand and sun. In this town, you can experience all the shades of green and enjoy your holiday and refresh yourself by taking in fresh air.

Tekirova Transportation
The distance between Antalya province and Tekirova is 75 km and Tekirova transfer transportation is approximately 75 minutes. Domestic and foreign tourists coming to Tekirova usually come to Antalya by plane. After arriving at Antalya Airport, they agree with taxi, bus or Antalya Tekirova transfer companies and provide transportation to the destination. In addition, if it is agreed with the transfer companies, Tekirova Antalya transfer vehicles are provided again.

Antalya Airport Tekirova Transfer
The distance between Antalya Airport and Tekirova is approximately 75 km. Transportation here takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. Transfer companies carry out the Antalya airport Tekirova transfer process and leave them to the selected location for the holiday, and Tekirova Antalya airport transfer vehicles can drop the tourists back to the point where they pick up. For this reason, it is very convenient and comfortable to use transfer companies.

Places to Visit in Tekirova
The first of the places that must be seen by tourists vacationing in Antalya Tekirova is the Three Islands. The three islands, which are frequented by many local and foreign tourists every year, attract attention with their nature and blue waters.

These islands, named Üç Adalar, actually have individual names. In addition, the three islands actually consist of four islands, but because one island is behind the other, they are called the Three Islands. Three Islands are determined as one of the most frequented spots for boats and yachts during summer holidays.

Secondly, the natural beauty that must be seen is Tahtalı Mountain. This is the accommodation where migratory birds and mountain pigeons are often found. The cable car on Tahtalı Mountain is one of the longest cable car lines. Tekirova has many important historical beauties besides its natural beauties.

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