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What kind of place is Titreyengöl

The trembling lake, which has a very interesting legend, shows its skills to the enthusiasts. The legend about the birds he feeds with an old fisherman makes it the center of attention for holiday lovers. Seeing the old fisherman feeding them, the birds would go towards the fisherman by flapping their wings as soon as they saw him. The old fisherman, who sees that the fishermen in the lake shoot the ducks on the water, tries to give them up by walking on them. When the hunters push the old man, the other ducks in the water take off together and begin to flap their wings. After the tornado that comes out with this air movement, the hunters escape. After that day, the local people say that the lake always trembles and they say that the birds cry for the fisherman. If you want to see this legendary event in place, you can provide transportation with Titreyengöl transfer facilities.

How can I go to Titreyengol?
You can reach the trembling lake, located in Sorgun town of Antalya Manavgat district, via Side or Antalya Titreyengöl transfer. With daily tour arrangements, you can see the lake and rest your eyes with its unique beauty. You can relax by the lake, which can be easily reached by minibuses that depart every ten minutes over Manavgat, and relieve the tiredness of the day. You can contact Titreyengol Antalya transfer for a more comfortable transportation to the lake, which takes about 30 minutes from Manavgat.

Places to Visit in Titreyengol?
You may not find many opportunities to travel around the lake, which contains mostly luxury hotels. However, there are many beauties around which are worth seeing. The ancient theater of Side, which is one of them, has a capacity of approximately fifteen thousand people. In front of the monument entrance, there is the temple of dianisos, which is a small temple. It is among the Roman period structures. Manavgat Waterfall, which is among the natural beauties close to the trembling lake, is also among the beauties worth seeing.

How are the Transportation Opportunities in Titreyengol?
Our city of Antalya, which is a world-famous tourism city, continues to think about its guests in every respect. Antalya airport Titreyengöl transfer, which makes you feel special, aims to be able to travel and have fun without worrying about transportation problems. Transportation, which is among the most important services for tourists during the holiday, continues without any problems with Titreyengol Antalya airport transfer. You come to our city and leave the journey to our transfer services.

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