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What kind of place is Yeşilöz

Yeşilöz is a village in Alanya District, which is a beautiful touristic resort of Antalya. It offers visitors a peaceful holiday experience with its natural beauties, historical ruins and calm atmosphere.

Yeşilöz is located in the northeast of Alanya and was founded on the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. The village is surrounded by green valleys and woodlands, which offers a magnificent view of nature to the tourists who come here. Also, the farmland in the village is famous for its olive groves and orange groves. Therefore, those who come to Yeşilöz not only enjoy the natural beauties, but also have the opportunity to taste the fresh and delicious agricultural products produced by the village.

Yeşilöz also draws attention with its historical ruins. The most important historical building in the village is Yeşilöz Castle, which belongs to the Byzantine period and is located in the center of the village. By walking around the narrow streets around the castle, you can follow the traces of the past and feel the historical atmosphere.

Below is a guide on how to get from Antalya Airport to Yeşilöz:

Antalya Airport is the main international airport of Antalya and serves many flights from different cities of Turkey and abroad. There are different options to reach Yeşilöz from Antalya Airport. Below are some of these options:

1. Taxi: Taking a taxi from Antalya Airport to Yeşilöz is one of the fastest and most comfortable options. You can go directly to Yeşilöz by taking a taxi from the taxi stand at the airport terminal. Taxi fares usually vary depending on distance and traffic conditions.

2. Car Rental: There are many car rental companies at Antalya Airport. If you want to go to Yeşilöz by yourself by renting a car, you can make a reservation by going to one of the car rental offices at the airport. With a rental car, you can easily reach Yeşilöz from the airport by following the D400 highway. It is important to follow the direction signs on the road.

3. Bus: You can also choose public transportation buses to reach Yeşilöz from Antalya Airport. There are bus stops near the airport terminal. To go to Yeşilöz, you need to take the buses departing in the direction of Alanya. After reaching Alanya, you can switch to the local minibuses or taxis departing from Alanya Bus Terminal to go to Yeşilöz.

4. Transfer Services: Private transfer services are also available from Antalya Airport to Yeşilöz. If you have planned your holiday in advance, you can request a transfer service from the airport to Yeşilöz by contacting travel agencies or transfer companies. With this service, you can reach Yeşilöz smoothly with a comfortable and private vehicle.

Since Yeşilöz is located approximately 30 kilometers from Alanya, the transportation time may vary depending on the transportation method you choose and traffic conditions. However, taxi or private transfer services are usually the fastest transportation options.

Yeşilöz is a village that offers an unforgettable holiday experience with its natural beauties, historical ruins and calm atmosphere. You can start exploring this beautiful village by choosing one of the above-mentioned options to reach Yeşilöz from Antalya Airport.

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